INK U12 Tournament


Power League Format - Here is how it works. If we have 24 teams with then U12 Tournament. The top 8 teams are seeded into Pools A/B, the middle 8 teams are in Pools C/D and the lowest 8 teams are in E/F. Teams finishing first in pool move up while teams finishing 4th in pool will move down. The benefit of this format is  that it provides very competitive matches in pool play as teams are evenly ranked. Take a look at the Bracket link for more detail on how teams will move from pool play to tournament brackets. 

Directions (Map)                                        U12 Pools & Brackets                               U12 Results        

Below are some points of emphasis:

  • Your play sites are at Riverside Schools (Elementary, Middle and High School). The schools are adjacent to each other and are in North Spokane County.

  • All U12 sites will open at 7 am and pool play will begin at 8 am.

  • Teams will use a volley-lite ball but there is no step in for serve.

  • Teams that move locations will not play or officiate during the first round of tournament play. As soon as pool play is finished your team will be either playing, officiating or moving between sites. Please keep things moving along.

  • Electrical appliances are not allowed with team coolers at any site. Teams may bring tables for their cooler areas.

  • Only water is allowed in the gym areas. No sports drinks or Propel.